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Noble Operational Risk Management Support

NORMS is our new critical operations planning and learning center. The emphasis is on taking lessons learned from each rig and applying them across the fleet. Each rig may only perform a certain critical operation a few times a year, but across our fleet, we are performing similar operations weekly. NORMS leverages lessons learned across the fleet to provide guidance on improving the next operation.  

Foresight in Focus

The new center focuses on planning and collaborating across the fleet with the goal of maintaining and strengthening Noble’s best-in-class position for safe, efficient, and reliable operations. Each rig maintains decision-making rights on the concrete operation, with NORMS providing support and capacity. Our existing audit and compliance functions will continue their work in parallel with NORMS. 

Crewed by Experienced Offshore Professionals

NORMS is crewed 24/7 by experienced offshore professionals. The operators come from drilling, technical, and marine backgrounds. The NORMS crew rotates between offshore, center, and adjacent Operational Excellence functions. This ensures personnel are exposed to a wide variety of circumstances and maintain understanding of how we operate across multiple functions.  

people-icon Full-time operators from drilling, technical, and marine backgrounds
gear-icon Daily shifts so NORMS is crewed 24/7

Suite of Technologies

NORMS features a suite of technologies to ensure successful collaboration. Screen displays provide a multitude of information in real time, including Noble Daily Operational Reports, weather patterns, various Power BI dashboards, and a live video stream for after-action review purposes only.

The information overview allows the rigs to expand their operational capacity by leaning on NORMS for planning purposes along with live monitoring when helpful. It allows the right information to be available to the right people at the right time.

Planned Operations

Initial selected critical operations supported by NORMS include:
  • Running riser/BOP deployment
  • MPD hookup and commissioning
  • Well testing
  • SIMOPS with adjacent production
  • Complex non-standard lifts
  • Extreme weather management
  • Well control
  • Rig moves
  • Diving and ROV operations <50 meters from keel

The center is located inside our NobleAdvances training facility in Sugar Land, Texas.