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About CSR

Our Duty and Deep Commitment

Noble is deeply committed to sustainability. Our sustainability strategy is to protect our environment and positively affect society and the economy through the business integration of sustainable corporate and social development in a manner aligned with our Mission and Core Values. Through clear objectives, specified tasks and direct accountability, we are advancing our strategy and proactively expanding the communication of Noble’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) qualities.

Objectives: With purpose we empower our employees, advance our company, and thrive with our community, through a disciplined governance framework.

Tasks: Through a sustained focus on the health, safety and social wellbeing of our personnel and the environment, we take action to advance the development and retention of our diverse and talented workforce, and serve as good stewards and responsible neighbors.

Accountability: For sustainable results we focus our attention and commitment on our employees, investors, customers, and community, with the commitment to expand open communication of our progress and performance for the public and our investor community.

Our Business Strategy

Our business strategy focuses on a balanced, high-specification fleet of both floating and jackup rigs and the deployment of our drilling rigs in established and emerging offshore oil and gas basins around the world. We emphasize safe operations, environmental stewardship, and superior performance through a structured management system, the employment of qualified and well-trained crews, the care of our surroundings and the neighboring communities where we operate, and other activities advancing our environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance. We also manage rig operating costs through the implementation and continuous improvement of innovative systems and processes, which includes the use of data analytics and predictive maintenance technology.