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Through carefully implemented procedures, Noble has been successful in continuing operations during this uncertain global health crisis, while keeping our people, as well as those who work alongside onboard our rigs, safe. As a leading offshore drilling services provider, we stand by our long-held commitment to deliver operational excellence with disciplined safety and protection of the environment, despite the many current challenges.

In addressing challenges specific to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were successful in preventing an interruption to operations through the support of our internal response team performing under our crisis management and business continuity plans. Our comprehensive proactive approach remains in place to protect the health and safety of everyone on our rigs and the people of Noble traveling for crew changes or providing shoreside support from home and our facilities. However, given the extensive duration of this global health crisis, we have shifted from a crisis mode through steps to institutionalize those controls and practices into our management system governing routine operations. Because of this, we ask that you check with our local management before planning an onsite visit as certain restrictions remain in place.

While our operations continue and our response team remains at the ready should there be an abrupt change of conditions at any of our locations, we remain hopeful for a prompt and definitive resolution to the threat that COVID-19 presents to everyone around the world, and we have confidence the human resolve and ingenuity of our time will help everyone rise above this global crisis.